Carolyn Manzi is a creative spirit living in Sonoma County, CA. She believes that we are all born with inner gifts that can be shared only through manifesting our unique self-expression in the world. Through the act of creative self-realization, our Spirits, communities, and the Earth are all blessed and renewed.


Twenty something years ago, Carolyn packed her jeep with paintings, beads and art supplies and drove West from Massachusetts with a dream to live a creative life.

Carolyn is the author of two adult coloring and creativity books (soon to be three!) that focus on connecting with your Creative Spirit and manifesting your Divine Purpose in the world. She wrote her first book, Coloring Your Prayers, An Inspirational Coloring Book For Making Dreams Come True, (Harmony 2000), while living on a houseboat in Sausalito. She wrote her next book, Bead Power, A Magical Journey Into The World Of Beads, (Three Rivers Press 2001), while running her own art gallery and bead shop on the Monterey Peninsula.

Currently Carolyn is in the process of birthing her next book, Coloring Your Body Beautiful, A Weight Loss Coloring Book For The Emotional Eater.

She offers massage, creative visualization, energy work and organic facials at her place of business, Magical Massage and Inspiration Gallery, located in a 22 foot, cedar-lined redwood wine barrel in Glen Ellen, California.

She surrounds herself with other creative spirits who contribute their many talents to Magical Massage and make it a thriving center of healing, warmth, art and imagination.

You can also find Carolyn at The Coloring Cabin, where you are right now. Welcome! Please stop by and see us if you are ever passing through Northern California. In the meantime, Keep Calm and Color On!!!


Amanda Stone is a multi-talented, multi-dimensional artistic being. She has been coloring her life with creativity since she was a little girl. She is a seer of magic in every bit of her surroundings, naming wonder and intuition as the leading forces in her life.

Her many incarnations include puppeteer, costume designer and pattern cutter, performance artist, computer wiz, culinary artist and ritual and sacred space maker. Her hobbies include stained glass making, going on picnics and listening to the sounds of nature. She believes that when we live in full expression of our true selves, we harness balance and vibrate a brightness that heals the world, one interaction at a time.

Since her teenage years, she has always looked towards Carolyn as her role model for living a magical and adventurous life in tune with the Creative Spirit. Like Carolyn, Amanda followed a message to travel to Northern California from New Orleans, where she found herself reunited with Carolyn's creative energy.

She now practices energy work and somatic healing, and is an Artistic Fairy Godmother to Carolyn and other visionary artists seeking to express their voice in the world. Amanda has a unique gift for helping others birth their creative visions. Amanda works to lead others toward the healing power of living in one's true expression of Self. She is dedicated to creating more self-love and emotional healing with her artistic gifts. She surrounds herself with people who are living close to Spirit and are working to realize and share their powerful messages with others. In two words, Amanda rocks!!!