Welcome to The Consciousness Café,
where miracles are the special on the menu today!
Sit down and enjoy a meal!
Your inner chef feeds you with foods that heal
body, mind, spirit & bones.
This is the food that will bring you back home
to that place where you have always been whole.
Let's sit down together
and feed our souls!


We invite you to come along and join us at the Consciousness Café, where we will be cooking up a rainbow colored feast of fresh vegetable inspired dishes!

Our philosophy is to eat foods that are overflowing with vibrant, organic earth energy. Our foods are kissed by the Sonoma sun and bathed in California moonlight. We love our foods and they love us back!


ALl of our recipes are quick and easy. We prepare food to last for the week so there's no need to come home and wonder what's for dinner. Dinner is all ready!

Grab your apron and click on the chickens below for the recipes!

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P.S. - We included a coloring page with each recipe just in case you have room for dessert!