The Coloring Cabin Creative Spirit Treatments and Classes

At The Coloring Cabin, we practice Creative Spirit Energy Work. Creative Spirit Energy Work is a 1.5 hour hands-on intuitive healing session, which includes massage, cranio-sacral therapy, visualization, movement, music, writing and a visual art experience. These sessions are designed to engage our inner wisdom in Divine Dialogue. Through this process, the Creative Spirit emerges, offering deeper self- knowledge, power and guidance. This new awareness allows us to create intentions aligned with manifesting our soul's purpose.

When we begin to live from this heart centered place of knowing, our lives flow with a sense of trust, synchronicity, and grace. This does not mean problems cease to exist. It means we see our challenges as stepping stones in the stream of life rather than boulders blocking our path. We can only access this magical place of inner knowing by being lovingly present in our bodies. Our bodies are the gateway to higher consciousness.
Now is the time to open the door and step inside.




~ Creative Spirit Energy Work at The Coloring Cabin ~

$125 per session, $175 with a personalized prayer bracelet

Creative Spirit Energy Work consists of 3 parts:

1. A one-on-one exploration of personal goals, dreams, and visions. We set intentions at this point for the session.

2. A hypno-magical facial, cranial massage, and creative visualization journey designed to cleanse the spirit and open the heart to new possibility. This connects the energy of the third eye with the heart chakra, while grounding and balancing the nervous system.

3. Upon return from the creative visualization journey, we meditate, color, and engage in an art experience. This may include the creation of a personalized prayer bracelet, used as a power object to manifest dreams and visions. We spend time revisiting our intentions and discussing our experience. We then make concrete steps to manifest and carry our dreams with us into our daily lives.

Some topics we have worked with are Self-Love, connection with the inner mother and inner child, creating a healthy relationship to food, creating vibrant health, creating a healthy exercise program, creating inner peace, and reconnecting with your Creative Spirit Guides and Divine Purpose.

Come join us for your own personalized coloring adventure in The Coloring Cabin!



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